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Why Use a Small Anesthesia Company as Compared to a Large Management Company?

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Using a small anesthesia company can provide several advantages over using a large management company. Small anesthesia companies tend to be more cost-effective, offer more personalized services, and have more flexibility in terms of billing and payment options. They are also more likely to provide access to experienced and knowledgeable staff who can provide individualized attention and support. Additionally, small companies often have a better understanding of the needs of their clients and can tailor their services accordingly.

Having previously worked for both a small mom and pop anesthesia group and a large, national management company prior to starting Trident Anesthesia in 2016, I can honestly say the small groups are where the magic happens. With small groups that are dedicated to their clients, you get top-notch customer service, attention to details, and a flexibility to be able to work with the client and their patients that gets lost with the big groups that are part of large management companies.


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